We recycle all IT equipment, including smart devices:
Mobile Phones
All-in-One Devices
Hard Drives
Apple Devices
Android Devices

It depends on the quantity, location and type of devices. If the value of your items cover our internal costs, then the service would be free to use. If it does not cover the costs, we will quote you at the time of booking

Devices that are successfully data erased will, when possible be reused.

Devices which cannot be data erased, are faulty or obsolete will be broken down and separated. This reduces the Carbon Footprint and prevents unnecessary landfill.

Which Software Do You Use To Erase My Data?

For mobile phones and tablets, we use Phonecheck.
For all other data bearing devices, we use Blancco and Certus erasure software.
These are regarded as the market leader in data erasure software.

Please wipe any personal data, images and videos you have on your device.

But BEFORE you do that, please do the following:
Apple Devices:
Please ensure that you "REMOVE" your device from your Apple Account. This means that you have SIGNED OUT from your APPLE ID on iCloud and Find My, on the DEVICE. Please ensure you are removed from any device management software also.

Android / Windows Devices:
Please REMOVE your phone from your Google & FIND MY PHONE accounts BEFORE sending your device to us. Please ensure you are removed from any device management software also.

This is really important, so please make sure you take the time to do this. Failure to do so may make the device £0 Rated.

It depends on the quantity and how we are collecting. If it is one of our own vehicles, then we can sort out the packaging of devices on site.
If it's a small amount of devices, we will often use a secure courier. In this instance, we would need the goods to be packed, ready for collection.
We can advise at the time of booking.

The whole process is compliant. We are insured and will provide you with certification, upon erasure.

Yes, but it depends on the device. Please ask us for more information.

Yes, This is a service we provide. Please ask for more information.

Helping The Environment

By recycling your old devices, you are helping to reduce millions of tonnes of waste that go to landfill each year.
Thank You!

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