TECHSALV is the UK's premier company for Data Erasure & Destruction, specialising in Public Sector and SME's. We are ISO27001-2022 Certified and provide NIST 800-88 rev1, WEEE & GDPR compliance as standard procedure and we use ADISA Certified software in Certus Data Erasure, Blancco and Phonecheck.

Businesses that handle data must be GDPR compliant. Failure to comply with these regulations can be as much as 4% of annual turnover or £17.5 million, whichever is greatest. TECHSALV guarantees 100% data destruction, with certificates for your records to ensure GDPR compliance. 

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If your organisation's policy prohibits data bearing assets from leaving its site, then we can carry out the process on site. We can remove hard drives from the devices and leave them with you and only remove the device from site.


Techsalv delivers the highest accredited standards of data erasure, to ensure your information is completely removed. All our erasure software is ADISA Certified.

We assume all liability of your data and provide certification to prove that it has been securely and permanently erased.


Our physical data destruction process destroys all data bearing media and devices so that information can never be retrieved or reconstructed.

We provide data destruction certificates and an asset report for all physically destroyed items.


If you require more information, or have assets you would like us to process, please complete the form below and we will get right back to you.

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